To whoever read this message, take it as a cry for help or a dire warning…

My name is Sir Richard Raleigh and, at the time of writing, last surviving member of the Stalwart expedition down to a man.

Seven in all we set out to seek the mysterious of the Hillsfar Mountains, guided by the map the addled gypsy sold me the night in the tavern. What we find were beyond the dreams of even the most timid explorer, a place unlike anything else, a place without time filled with wonders, mysteries and, as we found out all too late, dangers unnumbered…

Ever since we came to this place we’ve been hunted, stalked, picked off one by one by the denizens of the valley and world beyond the mountains and time, denizens that have not existed in ages as well as some who should never have existed at all!

We found out very early, to out fear, that though there are many routes to get to this place, some in ways I myself, a learned man, do not understand, there is no obvious way to leave. I’ve made copies of this letter while in the only safe haven this place offers, the city in the centre, and I will try to send them out of here by any means I can find, in the hope that some will reach civilization.

Don’t trust the passing of time, when you sit with this message in your hand I may have been dead for ages, or I may still be alive, but judging from this place and who is coming to seek me out, even here in the tower, I seriously doubt it… but I may still owe by prayers to the Gods for it to happen.

I don’t want any more deaths on my conscious, so heed this warning before you think about going to the Hillsfar Mountains!

- Sir Richard Raleigh


Those who came to investigate...

American Gothic (NSFW) by Aggie Janicot

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Hey Fox by Gabriel Fox

The KAMics by Keith Alan Morgan (KAM)

Legend of Setar by Ivy "Mutation" Shughart

Life & Death by Jonathan "Joff" Oliver

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